5. Stopping

But stop. Why talk about falls and such? Let's learn to stop effectively instead. The easiest stop—and one you've probably discovered for yourself by now—is the "snow plow." Skate along, slide on both feet, and then turn both toes in (as in the finish of the forward double scull) and skid against your feet, with firm ankles. Be sure to keep your body upright and knees well bent to prevent pitching forward as you come to a dead stop.

Quicker and more efficient is the "hockey stop," which can be done to either the right or the left (Illus. 7). Again skate fast and slide on both feet. To stop left, turn your whole body a quarter-turn left, again bending your knees and keeping your ankles firm. As you skid against your feet (which of course have both turned sideways to the left as your body turned), press your left arm and shoulder hard forward and your right shoulder and arm equally hard back. You should stop short in a few feet by this method. To stop to the right, just reverse all the above directions. T-stops and one-foot stops are good-looking but must be learned later in the figure skating reper­toire.



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