18. Inside Forward Roll

The inside forward roll (Illus. 20) is started in the same way. Push off into the number 1 position of the RIF spiral (20-1) (most starts in skating are made to the right foot) and reverse your free leg and arms at the halfway mark (20-2) after counting 1,2, 3, etc. The same bend and rise, the same upright posture. The hips face squarely forward throughout. In the number 2 position (20-3, 5) feel your weight on the skating shoulder, with your skating hip "hollowed" in under you. Also feel as if your free foot is pressing to the outside of the circle in front, while you lean slightly back after it passes; this backward lean is to counterbalance the weight of your free leg in front and should be done on the outside roll as well, to maintain even balance on the back of your blade and prevent any tendency you may have to collapse forward.

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